XP-PEN Pen Display - Ramtin Kazemi

This my first gear review of an amazing piece of equipment that does not break the bank, yet it helps you immerse in the art of photography and post processing in a fun way. For many years, brands like Wacom have been the leaders of the industry when it comes to pen displays and they have a very expensive price tag attached to them, but that is all changed now! If you're looking for an affordable option that is going to make your editing time much easier and enjoyable, then read on.

First of all, let's talk about the brand. XP-PEN is a Japanese company producing tablets and graphic displays. They are relatively new but have come a long way in such a short time. Now, with a 4K display that allows you to edit and paint right on your photographs with pressure sensitivity to control your brush size and opacity and it does it pretty darn accurately!

Any recent photograph that you see on my portfolio has been edited using the XP-PEN tablets and displays. It does take your post processing to the next level because it makes it that much more fun. Can you get away with just a tablet? Sure you can... Is it as much fun? NOPE! Over 60% of my post processing time is spent on soft brush strokes to adjust contrast and color so being able to adjust my opacity on the fly with just the pressure of my pen on the display, not only saves time, but makes it feel like I'm actually painting. The art of painting is why I got into photography to begin with and today, living in this wonderful digital age where you have total control of your art using your hands is a blessing in the skies. While you can use a mouse to edit your shots, using one constantly is not only bad for your wrist, it also makes the brush strokes very awkward. Did I mention that I spend most of my time brushing my adjustments? Using the brush tool in Photoshop for almost ALL of my adjustments helps with the visual flow of my images. I don't use ANY selections beside luminosity masking and I highly encourage you to use your brush tool more often because it does wonders!

Disclaimer: I do NOT get paid to write these reviews. I do get sent lots of gear to review and use for free but I never promote them or use them continuously if I don't think they are worth it. I only speak of what works for me both financially and technically.

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