YUKON BROCHURE - Ramtin Kazemi

Dark Defenders

What you need to bring:

- Warm clothes and layers! gloves, hats, jackets, warm pants, boots, RAIN GEAR.

- Your camera gear & tripod with shutter release

- LOTS OF EXTRA BATTERIES! We're gonna be camping for 5 nights in a row :)

- Your Tent, Sleeping bag and personal items like cups and plates, etc.


Weather plays a big role in Landscape Photography and we have no control over it. Our tours are designed so that we have enough time to catch good light but meanwhile, You must be prepared for "bad" weather. But there will be plenty of opportunities on this trip even on overcast days. And this is why we have an extended length of one week to make sure we have lots of opportunities. You should also know that we don't believe in bad weather and we'll teach You how to make the best of overcast days!

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