Yukon Adventure Helicopter Photo Tour
to Sep 21

Yukon Adventure Helicopter Photo Tour

Come and join me on this epic adventure deep into the wilderness of the world's most untouched and remote landscapes along the Ogilvie mountains in the Yukon. Early September in the far North near the Arctic Circle, it gets dark enough at night for a chance to see the Northern Lights. The Sun stays relatively low in the horizon during the day which creates really long golden hours. I can spend at least 2 hours before the Sunset shooting sometimes.
I fly a small group (less than 7 people) with a Helicopter into the park and back and then we spend a couple of nights in the Kluane National Park area as well. All meals and transportation from the airport are included. The hike alone would be a 4 day hike passing the Glissade pass twice which is extremely difficult. So we skip all that and there will be minor hiking required in the park to get to shooting locations. All spots are near the campground. We will visit the very exact spot of every photo you see here.

The trip is followed by a full tutorial of my post processing. I will choose the very same images from this trip and show you my full workflow and teach you every single trick and technique I use in the digital dark room.

More details and pricing will be announced very soon!

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